Your Trusted US Partner

Establish a presence in the United States with a trusted partner who genuinely cares. We provide strategic insight, management, operational support, and work with your desired providers on your behalf. 

Business excellence and success has never been easier.

Our Business is Keeping You in Business

Business Creation ➡️ Management

Unlike other recognized platforms, we we are not a set-it-and-forget it agency for business formation. We are the first agency that will not only help you create your business, working alongside you for formation and bank account creation, but we then become your full time partner, assisting in management and operations, and working with you daily to support your ongoing success.

Business Formation

We establish a Wyoming or Delaware LLC or Corporation in good standing with DBA filings, business addresses, and registered agent services.

Banking & Payments

We establish US bank accounts and create agreements to ensure you are paid promptly and without delay.

Payment Gateways

Whether you need a payment gateway, merchant services provider, or vendor, whether you need to transact on a virtual terminal or via echeck, we've got you covered.

Serving One and All

Whether you're an entrepreneur or a visionary, BPO provider for call centers or an e-commerce entity, whether you reside in one of the countries below or beyond, we create win-win situations where everybody profits.

Flag of Oman
Flag of Uzbekistan
Flag of India
Flag of Philippines
Flag of Egypt
Flag of Thailand
Flag of Malaysia
Flag of Japan
Flag of China
Flag of Taiwan
Flag of Singapore
Flag of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
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Fully Transparent

We see what you do, you see what we do. You will have access to all business details, from banking to vendor management, so that we can establish unparalleled mutual trust. 

No Task Too Daunting

You dream it, we support it. All ethical businesses will find your permanent home with BizExcel.

On-Time Payment

With transparent accounting and full visibility into your business, we make sure your payments are consistent and you can continue running the business while we take care of all the rest.

Your Services. Your Way.

We manage and facilitate ongoing negotations and regular communication with any vendors you opt to work with. We will seek out the best providers—as many as you need. Some of our businesses work with mulitple merchants and have multiple bank accounts; we'll sign up to whatever service you desire do whatever makes the most sense for your unique business needs.

Business As You Want It

Our core service offerings are listed below. But the sky is the limit. 

Got an idea? We're just as entrepreneuruial-minded as you are.

Our Service Offerings

Our core service offerings are listed below. But the sky is the limit. 

Got an idea? We're just as entrepreneuruial-minded as you are.

Start Your Business

Business Formation in the US

  • Wyoming or Delaware
  • LLC or Inc.

Compliance through Registered Agent Services

US Business Address with virtual mailbox (optional)

DBA ("doing business as") filings for subsidiary businesses (optional)

Tax ID (EIN) Registration

Ecommerce Services

Payment Gateways

Merchant Service Providers

Sales Tax Certificate Filings

Amazon Store Creation

Shopify Store Creation

Also supporting WooCommerce, Kwikcart, Sellix, Dukaan, Selldone, and other storefronts

Get Paid

Dedicated business bank account with Wave accounting access

Supporting ACH, Payoneer, International Wires, Remitly, Moneygram, USDT, CashApp, and other providers for on-time payments

Full Transparency ➡️ You see all transactions

Access to our accounting team and cash flow spreadsheets

Trusted Where it Matters Most

Our customers love us. For most, we are the first ever brand that can truly be relied on with transparent policies, 

banking, and infrastructure.

  • Tamar has made our business sustainable for the first time ever. She's the most trusted partner I've ever worked with and has never shied away from supporting any of my entrepenrurial projects—and there have been many.


    DNC Services, Pakistan

  • I have been in this industry from last 6 years but there isn't even a single person whom I can trust.

    But, I can put my money on Tamar.

    Responsible person, trustworthy, always delivering things on time, and an easy to go to person.

    After having Tamar on board, we raised our business sustainability and profit bar from surviving on minimal amounts to not worrying about our expenditures.

    No one will ever regret working with Tamar, the best best in business with highly appreciated analysis skills.

    Tamar means business! 🔥

    Iqbal Bin Zafar

    TA Solutions, Oman

    Iqbal Bin Zafar
  • As a devoted customer, I want to express my gratitude for working with Tamar and BizExcel as a true partner. There is a growing amount of regulatory scrutiny in the call center industry. BizExcel is fully aware of this and places a high priority on compliance while still achieving management goals.

    Hassan Subhani

    CEO, WWW, PK

    Hassan Subhani
From $0 to $50k/month in revenue

"Hundreds of Pakistani entrepreneurs are struggling to find ONE trustable, intelligent, supportive and encouraging partner to build, sustain and expand their IT and Software Development services across the United States. In my case, I found ONE by luck while working at a private firm that dealt with Call Centers and Services.

Tamar Weinberg, a public figure and a known entrepreneur, initially came as a prospect for marketing her product, although down the road an idea clicked that resulted in starting my own business in USA with Tamar.

As per my expertise, which is call centers and business process outsourcing, I started attending infrastructure needs while Tamar made sure it goes smooth by travelling and meeting representatives of the organizations we wanted to work with. By face value and her intelligence, we bagged almost all the major telecom dealerships in USA and worked for top dollar.

Fast forward after 1 year of mentorship, I was able to achieve $50k/month revenue with Tamar and we are jumping into different verticals and business opportunities. She provided me and my team all the courage and ground to play bigger and think bigger. I believe we will be ending the year with $100k/month and 2023 will be a huge success if we keep moving at this speed."

Shahzaib Malik

XPS Global Ltd Pvt, Pakistan

Human People. Human Business.

Our company is built on morals and ethics, and our founder has a track record (and a few verified accounts too) to show you that this is serious business.

Check out our founder on Social Media...
...and in the real media:
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how we support you through trusted relationships.

What if I just need formation services?

While we can certainly assist you with general business formation, our valued services come from enabling us to be your partner: we own and operate the US business operations, support you 100% of the way, and you do the rest. If you are not looking for an advocate for your daily operations, we are not the ideal partner. Our value comes from being an extension of your business.

What do I need to get started?

The core of our business is built on trust. We trust you, you trust us. Our intake is exhaustive, but it gives us the information we need to perform our own due diligence and file for banking and merchant services on your behalf. 

Pakistan: We'll be asking for the basics, including identification (national ID, CNIC), SECP registration, FBR tax returns, reports and portal access, account maintenace certificates from your bank, and your individual CNIC information. 

Oman: We'll ask you as well for the basics, including your national ID, your ROP authorization form, your Qabail tribe name, and a copy of your internet bill.

Philippines and others: We will be asking you for two forms of ID.

We'll then ask you more about your business (nature of the work you do), how you charge customers, how you market the business, website URLs, compliance, and more. We'll also ask for processing statements for the last 3 months so any payment processors know what to expect. Finally, we'll ask you how you prefer to be contacted, since we want to be available to you and you to us. 

Do you provide salespeople?

We are a management and operations partner. We handle logistics and service-based support for overseas business. We do NOT offer sales support or lead generation services.

Can you help my marketing agency?

If you are looking for a partner to assist with any sales generation opportunities, BizExcel is not the right fit. If you are looking for other initiatives that align with what we've outlined here, please reach out. 

How do you charge for your services?

It's easy: we work off profits. You get a percentage, we get a percentage. Everybody wins.

What other services do you provide?

We want you to be successful, so we establish your account in good standing by using our in-house counsel for due diligence, our accounting team for accurate payments reporting, a US based IP address to connect to local portals, and a chargeback monitoring service that leverages PAAY EMV 3DS and RDR. Other services are available if the need arises. We can also provide access to tools that facilitate project management, contract signing, course creation, employee onboarding, and other tools you may need. 

Do you do high risk merchant account processing?

Yes, we do specialize in high risk payment processing. In order to successfully serve you, we need to fully understand your business model to mitigate risk across your account portfolio and be your best advocate.

How are you different?

Ah, the elephant 🐘 in the room. While you can use a third party service like Mashr, Atlas, Firstbase, or Sleek to create your business, they can't speak to profits and relationships the same way BizExcel can. We are not a formation agency. We are an agency that executes. You can certainly go with a set-it-and-forget it agency that will let you create a business or a store and then their obligation to you is done (until you need to pay registered agent fees), but that's not what we do. We help you profit. Otherwise, your business is simply created, but what next? 

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